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Monday, July 30, 2007
  Shed, Black Country Living Museum

Friday, July 27, 2007
  Ale installation, Made, Birmingham

An exhibition celebrating real ale culture. You could pull your own pint, eat cheese and pickle, pork pies and look at some photographs of a brewery. I don't like real ale so the exhibition was a bit lost on me but I thought the building, Made, was a great exhibition space.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  Shady's Place, Granby Street, Liverpool

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  Best 404 error pages on the web
404 error page
Great roundup of customised 404 error pages.

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  Google agree hyphens as good as dashes for urls
It seems that good things do come to those who wait. A few months ago I was gutted to come across this post from Google blogger Matt Cutts on the use of hypens in urls. I've always used underscores to separate words but, as the post lays clear, google wouldn't differentiate words when they are joined by an underscore (it was something to do with the fact that the google algorithm began as a way of searching through code).

We considered switching all our urls on a pretty large site, but decided against it, partly because the work involved would have been a pain and partly because we felt that underscores were a more sensible way to separate words than hyphens. Looks like our foresightedness/laziness has paid off, Matt Cutts anouncing Google will soon treat underscores as appropriate word separators.

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Monday, July 16, 2007
  Andy Sunley's Hub Festival photos

METRO MANILA AIDE circle, originally uploaded by andy_sunley.

I worked on the first Hub Festival a few years ago and I haven't been to it since. It didn't seem too sure what it was trying to be, but judging from Andy Sunley's great set of photos from this year's festival this weekend, they seem to have developed a pretty well defined audience.

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Friday, July 13, 2007
  Another July afternoon in Williamson Square

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  TalkCrunch meets HotOrNot
Hot or Not
TalkCrunch is an irregular series of interviews from Mike Arrington of TechCrunch. The latest interview is with James Hong, co-founder of HotOrNot, which I haven't heard anyone mention in five years.

It's a great interview, covering the start of the website (they sent an email to 40 friends and had 40000 hits by the end of the first day), monetising the site through subscription, moving on to free subscription and supported by advertising, dubious claims of 10 weddings a day caused through the site, their early use of virtual products (selling virtual flowers three years ago) and their new HotList product.

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  Digital Water Pavilion


Wednesday, July 11, 2007
  Sudden Oak Death with Joe Clark
Joe Clark
Joe Clark at @media 2007, originally uploaded by Martin Kliehm.

I listened to the first talk from the @media 2007 podcast yesterday, Joe Clark's talk, 'When accessibility is not your problem'.

Joe starts off with a lengthy preamble about WCAG Samurai. Spurred by a controversial article he wrote last year, To Hell with WCAG 2, Joe decided to stop waiting for the WCAG 2 guidelines to be finalised and, together with a few chosen contemporaries, return to making the best of WCAG 1. WCAG Samurai is the result of this project.

The delay in the production of the WCAG 2 guidelines is well documented, WCAG 1 was published in 1999! Another talk I listened to in the last week gave a good job of explaining the current(ish) situation from the working group perspective, Accessibility Wars: A report from the trenches.

The main part of Joe's @media talk looked at four areas in which he felt web content producers are currently wrongly assuming responsibility for accessibility.

All four have come up in recent work I've been involved with, they are:
Joe's thoughts on these issues are well worth listening to or reading.

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  1971 Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial

This was mentioned on Boing Boing today, it led me to loads of brilliant old KFC adverts on YouTube.

Old KFC adverts playlist on YouTube.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007
  Emma Watson more popular than Daniel Radcliffe

Heather Hopkins' Hitwise UK blog is a great source of stats on current search trends. Heather analyses the Hitwise stats to produce regular reports on the popularity of those involved in current events. This week, Emma Watson is being searched for more often than Daniel Radcliffe (and Paris Hilton), top searches being for 'Emma Watson photos' and 'Emma Watson boyfriend'.

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Monday, July 09, 2007
  The internet is now mobile

The internet is now mobile, originally uploaded by new folder.

I got excited about this campaign, presuming they were lowering the datacosts of their 3g cards for laptops. But they're not, it's just crappy internet on your mobile phone.

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  Birmingham rooftop

Birmingham rooftop, originally uploaded by new folder.

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Friday, July 06, 2007
  Grot Spot II: Las Vegas

Following on from the covering up of the Norton for Scrap sign, this photo shows the latest success story for the Grot Spots campaign. The former Las Vegas Amusements arcade outside Lime Street has had its Las Vegas sign removed and now looks much more cultured. £1 for a bottle of larger.

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  Mark McNulty and Pop Cultured
Pop Cultured
Can't keep up with Mark McNulty. He's only just launched his photoblog and now he's teamed up with another couple of Liverpool photographers to launch Pop Cultured.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007
  Suggested improvements for the Virgin Trains website
I use the Virgin Trains website that often, and there are that many things that annoy me about it, that I thought it's best to keep a note somewhere. I'll update this regularly as I come across more of the issues.
Problems such as:


  @media 2007 London podcast
@media 2007 podcast
@media 2007 was held in London last month. Recordings of the talks from Day One are now on their website. As I've mentioned before, it's becoming standard for web conferences to post their recordings free online, a fantastic resource. The @media podcast is also improved by including pdfs of the slides used by the lecturers.

Talks and topics: (I haven't included links as the summary pages don't include links to the mp3s. all mp3s available through the link above)
Online reviews of the talks from attendees: Blether, Mark Boulton, Alistair C, Clagnut, Learning the World, Quirksmode, Aleksandar Vacić

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
  Zelda and Desktop Tower Defense
Desktop Tower Defense
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has just topped a poll of the top 100 video games. It would be near the top of my list, but then again I've hardly played anything released since Halo. Great games are just too addictive, as I've found out recently with the fantastic Desktop Tower Defense. Don't follow the link.


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