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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


 Dave White, Liverpool Biennial 2004 

Dave White
Independent District
Liverpool Biennial 2004


 Gillian Davis, Babycream 

Gillian Davis
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from 'Freight' by Richard Boyd, courtesy of National Museums Liverpool

Vanishing Point

Stephen Boyd

Conservation Centre



VANISHING POINT - exploring the effect of conservation on historical paintings.

Contemporary artist Stephen Boyd explores the effect of conservation on historical paintings in the new exhibition Vanishing Point, on show at the Conservation Centre from 9 October to 21 November 2004

The exhibition includes paintings, installation pieces and digital images produced by the artist in response to the work of the specialist staff at the Conservation Centre, who care for and conserve every object in National Museums Liverpool’s varied collections.

Stephen Boyd says: “the title Vanishing Point chimes with the Conservation Centre and its activities …the routine way in which important works (savaged by the on-going processes of ageing) undergo a form of cultural intensive care that effectively rescues them for future generations.”

The term vanishing point refers to an artistic technique to create an illusion of depth in paintings, but can also suggest a retreat in time. Boyd is interested in the way that both these themes are reflected in the work of conservators, who reveal hidden truths about the paintings they are working on.

The effects of time on a painting become a part of its history, affecting how viewers relate to it. This fascinating exhibition forces visitors to re-examine how they engage with paintings and poses questions about whether they are ever truly what we think they are.

Stephen Boyd was born in 1959 and grew up in Glasgow. He is a senior lecturer in Fine Art at Staffordshire University. Previous exhibitions include solo shows in the UK and New York as well as numerous UK and international group exhibitions.

Vanishing Point is supported by Staffordshire University.




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