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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Super Mario Clouds by Cory Arcangel  

Cory Arcangel
White Diamond
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from work by Arthur Roberts, part of the Ten exhibition in Liverpool Biennial 2004

Arthur Roberts



12 Prince's Dock


'The work explores imaginary synthetic environments which draws its inspiration from the machine, landscape, celestial skies and the microscopic world. This comibination fuses to create a new spiritual mix reflecting our time.

There is no running away from history; the ghosts of modernism are present within the evolution of abstraction. We take fragments from the past and build new horizons for tomorrow. The layers of paint are equal to the layers of time, , which has travelled before us.

More than ever painting is relevant today within our high speed society, we crave a need for stillness, to wonder, to dream and drift in our universe of imagination'.

Arthur Roberts was born in Liverpool in 1966. He studied art at Liverpool Polytechnic, 1987-91. Selected exhibitions include Hanover Galleries Liverpool 1993, Everyman Theatre Liverpool 1994, Foster Goldstrom Gallery NY 1995, Manchester City Art Gallery 1996, DfES/CH4 Learning website 2002, Merseyside Maritime Museum Albert Dock Liverpool 2002, 5a the gallery St Helens 2004.


Artists represented at 12 Prince's Dock

Craig Atkinson
Maurice Cockrill
Terry Duffy
John Hoyland
Glenn Humphrey
Julie Jones
John McLean
Arthur Roberts
Jason Thompson
Christine O'Reilly Wilson



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