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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Super Mario Clouds by Cory Arcangel  

Cory Arcangel
White Diamond
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Cabin Pressure at the Cabin Club  

Cabin Pressure
The Cabin Club
Liverpool Biennial 2002


  Detail from work by Christine O'Reilly Wilson, part of the Ten exhibition in Liverpool Biennial 2004

Christine O'Reilly Wilson



12 Prince's Dock


'My work is an attempt to relate the human experience. Using applications of thin translucent colour, intensity is achieved with several layers of paint. After the base colour has been absorbed (into my subconscious as well as the canvas) contrasting colour is applied, rubbed back, spread over, sponged and soaked up; the whole process endeavouring to create a light filled space.

The physical interaction with the materials involved in the process of developing the image is an important aspect of my work. The freedom to use gestural, expressive movements across the canvas, release both a physical and mental energy that acts as a kind of cathartic exercise, which allows me to expel my ghosts and expel fears. These marks also break up the uniformity of the flat colour surface and act as to bear witness as to the human involvement in the creation of the abstract image.

For me this method of working is evocative of memories bringing past experiences to the surface, sometimes reminding us of things we would rather forget. We try to hide things from our past, but experience always leaves its mark, a trace of the past is always left behind. Experience in our memory forms part of our present and also effects us in the future. Abstraction allows me the freedom to express my individuality, to challenge and explore within the confines of a defined framework.

I am trying to incorporate the structure composition with that of spontaneous, gestural expressionism; attempting to create space and light through colour. Looking at the relationship between line and its surrounding space. Parallel lines running off the edges of the canvas; refer to Barnett Newman's theory, relating to man's experience of time. I see it as, a thread, no beginning no end, our past being part of our present as well as the future'.

Christine O'Reilly Wilson was born in Birkenhead in 1961. She studied art at John Moores University, 1993 - 1996 and University College, Chester, 1996-7. Selected exhibitions include Visionfest Albert Dock Liverpool 1995, the Blackburn Gallery Birkenhead 1997, Coopers and Lybrand Pier Head Liverpool 1997, The Beluga Bar Liverpool 1998, The View Gallery Liverpool 1998, Blackburne House Liverpool 2002, Atkinson Art Gallery Southport 2003.


Artists represented at 12 Prince's Dock

Craig Atkinson
Maurice Cockrill
Terry Duffy
John Hoyland
Glenn Humphrey
Julie Jones
John McLean
Arthur Roberts
Jason Thompson
Christine O'Reilly Wilson



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