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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Cabin Pressure at the Cabin Club  

Cabin Pressure
The Cabin Club
Liverpool Biennial 2002


 One of Daisy Delaney's 'Thousand Windmills' 

Daisy Delaney
A thousand windmills
Liverpool Biennial 2004


 Gillian Davis, Babycream 

Gillian Davis
Liverpool Biennial 2004


 The Transparent Eyeball 

White Diamond
The Transparent Eyeball
Liverpool Biennial 2004

  68 Hope St

Museum Man

A Georgian House



The fabrication of a "museum" was necessary for the
demand of gallery representation for other galleries internationally exhibiting, or inviting me to perform, under the banner of "host gallery". In 1992 in NYC 2 friends of mine had a shoe shop on Mercer Street in SoHo that went out of business and had a remaining month on the lease. Not being able to afford the rent, they decided on selling on the 26th and6th Ave markets. I offered to take over the space for a series of exhibitions within that month, thus bailing them out and finding a space to show works within the area, that then monolith of the NY art world.

NYC was in a tangible recession, and businesses were closing and boarded up shop fronts abounded. It felt like a plague had literally hit. I called this "temporary" gallery "Another Vacant Space". "Another Vacant Space" has opened doors intermittently in London, Copenhagen and Berlin.

I moved in to a former DDR apartment in 1996 and found the flotsam-jetsam of an elderly man,including photographs,books and various personal items and paraphanelia.I decided to exhibit these artefacts of an "anonymous" man in SdB rotterdam in 1998,under the title of Pansy Takes A Trip.Enlarging found photographs of lives unknown to me.

In hommage to this unknown man,i declared my living space a museum. AVS, didn't seem appropriate a title for the space in which i live, because in a sense it was a repository of work and collections found on travels and works swapped or given to me by other artists,as well as the scattered,now grouped belongings of Herr ?. The bulk of these works tended toward the reading of the masculine|male in multifarious* forms. This was unintentional, museumMAN, having simply being conceived of the combining of "museum" and my initials,and to the unknown an,which led to the founding and inspiration of installations and performances including,Boquets For A Dead End Street,Pansy Takes A Trip,and Flotsam-Jetsam.

Artists started responding to the simple conception of the museum, and began sending their works, or giving works of other artists, including an early Medalla, a Dubuffet, Chillida, Tracey Emin, Susan Hiller amongst others, and curious oddities worthy of the Magnus Hirschfeld collection. Contributing artists include Pedro Cabral Santo, Sico Carlier, Tripode, Misha Dare, Jorne Thielde, Sumer Erik, Frank Schàpel amongst many
others who I'm very grateful to. museumMANberlin has now organically burst and there are plans to approach the Berlin Senate for the funding of a larger space where artists will be invited to do interventions within a "lived in" environment. Next year a Roman based circus group, a group of Italian sound poets are planning to do events, as well as participating
artists from The London Biennale 2002.

The Museum MAN now installed in Liverpool,is an open venue in which artists/performers/theorists/critics are invited to show and exhibit their works in an intimate space and a cavernous cellar.This project is
open to all artists,with an invitation to Liverpool based artists,and artists worldwide.

Flat 1
30 Faulkner St
ph:0789 169 5577

Thanks all participating artists
for their generosity,their dedication,
their support
immense talents
in making MAN such a success to an appreciative public.

Guest Curator Liverpool-DAVID MEDALLA
Co-Curator Berlin- MONICA WEHR
Artist in Residance and Facillitator-MARKO STEPANOV
Artist in Residanece and Sister MAN-JILL ROCK


marko stepanov
frank schaepel
anthony zych
cyril lepetit
goshka macuga
ryan lemke
aster guiness
francesca cho
amanda oliphant
mai ghoussoub
michelle wren
gordon johnstone
raul pina
luna montenegro
adrian fisher
gruppo sinisetico
antonio sassu
eric fong
anna sherbany
reine mahfouz
roberta kravitz
nicole mollett
jeanine woollard
sara galaxia
gary woods
marisol caviar
arvinder bawa
sandra hetzl
andreas golder
andrew reyner
uwe karsten guenther
joerne thielde
claudia wegener
sunday painters
alma tischler
lisa fingleton
miguel duchamp
dinamico duo
joao simoes
michael carnie
simon bendi


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