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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  One of Daisy Delaney's 'Thousand Windmills'  

Daisy Delaney
A thousand windmills
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from Scott Jones's album cover for Deltasonic's The Zutons  

Scott Jones
Liverpool Biennial 2004



  Part of installation in 'Streets of Desire' at Jump Ship Rat

Jump Ship Rat

Independent District

The Blade Factory


Streets of Desire

‘Streets of desire’ will be the launch exhibition of the new Jump Ship Rat contemporary arts centre. The exhibition and live art programme will draw and explore parallels between the different social, political and economic situations of one of South America’s most infamous and complex nations, Colombia, and those of the Western world.
This exhibition presents new work by 5 leading Colombian artists and a range of satellite works that are reactive to specific elements of street life where the familiar becomes unmapped and unknown territory becomes acutely recognisable.

‘Streets of desire’ is the meeting of minds, experiences and narratives by Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Jaime Avila, Rodrigo Facundo, Wilson Diaz, Juan Pablo Echiverri, El Vicio, Gala Navas Palacio, Jacques Chauchat, Caf, Megan Foster and Mr Ben.

Live art / performance / events

Throughout the duration of the Biennial festival, Jump Ship Rat will be hosting a fantastic series of performances, seminars, theatre production and numerous live music events (dates to be confirmed).

Including Performance by El Vicio , Juan Pablo Echeverri, Zoda Productions, The Eric Brickland Survival Scheme

Live music by Supernumeri, Zukanican, Pop Levi and the emergencies, SnapAnt Mamadou & the Super Libidor + many more…
Theatre production: Cut to the chase productions , first week of the biennial.

Seminar/ Conference:

Erna Von Der Walde will lead a panel discussion with the artists on the global repercussions of Colombia’s social, political and economic situation. Focussing on the issues of narco-traffic, oil reserves, guerrillas, urban militias and how artistic practices can deal with the countries situation of permanent conflict.



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