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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  The Art Organisation, Liverpool Biennial 2004  

The Art Organisation
St Bride's Church
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Dave White, Liverpool Biennial 2004  

Dave White
Independent District
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Gillian Davis, Babycream  

Gillian Davis
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  One of Daisy Delaney's 'Thousand Windmills'  

Daisy Delaney
A thousand windmills
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from 'footprintsinthesnow' by Rick Myers

Rick Myers


Independent District

61 New Bird Street

18 September - 28 November 2004


It’s no great surprise that the first major exhibition by Rick Myers is something that defies easy categorisation. It is the culmination of seven years of exploratory work and perhaps the most tangible aspect of FUNNEL VISION / footprintsinthesnow could be said to be ‘exploring the intangible’.

footprintsinthesnow is an ongoing personal project charting the artist’s thought processes and creative connections. Incorporating a selection of limited edition posters, screenprints and paper sculptures, the works themselves explore the process of creative development through their component elements; including text, drawings, montage, paper models, diagrams, notes, and cross-references.

As the title suggests, footprintsinsthesnow is a body of work that, as it progresses, leaves a trail of evidence.

“I think the thing that is running through the work is the fact that there is something running through the work,” says an evasive Myers, while trying to reveal all. “That is the key. The idea that there is a thread going through every single thing I’ve created.” When asked to suggest possible themes within the installation, Myers provides a list that includes the following:

Trying to find your way in the dark
Ideas inspired by the unknown
An outcome based on understanding or not understanding
Trying to find answers and not wanting answers
Being a human in relation to the world
A journey through a changing environment to a changing destination
Something bigger than the thing that contains it

This constantly accumulating and changing body of work is housed in an entirely portable wooden museum entitled FUNNEL VISION, created by the artist as a context for presenting his responses to these ideas, while also being an integral part of the work itself. FUNNEL VISION is a fully demountable structure which can be installed in different venues and unexpected spaces.

Known primarily until now as a sleeve designer for artists including Doves and John Cale, and also as the creator of sought after artefacts including a limited edition musical box for Badly Drawn Boy, Myers has taken a very understated approach to establishing his own identity as an artist. While letting his design work, which includes over 100 record sleeves, speak for itself, he has constantly produced an evolving journal of ideas and artefacts which exist outside these commissioned projects, and so far have not had an obvious place in the world.

“The work I’ve done as a designer has always been intensely personal but has also always been in relation to another artist,” he says. This installation represents a significant step for Myers in presenting his previously unknown personal work as an artist in his own right. “I’ve been working on these ideas for years but I’ve never felt ready to exhibit them until now. This is just what I‘ve been doing in the background, although it’s the foundation,” says Myers, before adding, “Everything I’ve ever done has led up to this exhibition.”

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