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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Detail from work by Steve Gent  

Steve Gent
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Tom Murphy, Liverpool Biennial 2004  

Tom Murphy
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from 'footprintsinthesnow' by Rick Myers  

Rick Myers
Liverpool Biennial 2004

  Performance piece by Gaynor Sweeney

Gaynor Sweeney


Independent District

Novas Warehouse


A graduate of Liverpool John Moores University (2002) and formerly a painter, Gaynor removed the conventional from her practice to explore of the human form as the canvas with the temporal and spatial significance of the context and concept.

A performance artist in discourse, research and practice, but one who instinctively collaborates to encourage the erudition and advocacy of contemporary art and culture. This proclivity, a drive, to initiate both practice and dialogue in art and culture, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Her previous initiatives have included projects in New York, Tokyo, Berlin, London, Paris, Copenhagen and many in her base of Liverpool.

Gaynor was selected and took part in the previous Liverpool Biennial 2002 and collaborated with many other artists during this. Gaynor has initiated Realisations, a collaborative performance and combined art programme for the Liverpool European City of Culture Bid 2008, which the city has since been awarded this accolade.

Gaynor states she is not insular, neither her genome, which is a recipe of hybridized evolutionary ingredients. Her temporal and spatial existence Gaynor asserts is more that her being. It extends to her lineage, not merely of those she is conscious or familiar; mother, father, grandmother, grandfathers, great and greater, as it dissolves back, but to one of the singular organism, where all life evolved.

The chance, the accident, the mistake of this greater-than-great relative of all ascended into cellular complexities of sentience, no more and no less than the amoeba, Gaynor welcomes you to our relative, the cell, the nuclei, the DNA, the RNA, etc.. Somewhere in her body, her pet dog is kindred. The canvas of creation, the biological edifice on which she inscribes, at the moment of mark-making on this, Gaynor is inscribing on not herself, but her pet dog, her parents and predecessors, her lovers and familiars, acquaintances and you. A performance artist who places temporal concepts within the context of a live performance in the public arena, the conventional and institutional readdressed, including the various technological applications, such as multi media processes, holographic, optical engineering and digitalisation.

Founding member of the Whores of Babylon Arts Collective, GesquOi (Research and Development Programme in the Contemporary Arts and Culture) and transVoyeur (Anglo American Cultural Initiative).

transVoyeur and the Artist
As founder of the project, it is her objective to explore linguistics, resonance and performance within the urban environment from the classical to the realms of popular culture, considering contemporary and historical implications within a post-modern society.


Artists represented in Transvoyeur:

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney
Tony Knox
Gary Sollars
Ben Youdan
George Lund
Paul Clarkson
Michael Ricardo Andreev
Kofi Fosu
Stephan Fowlkes
Reid Stowe
Poalo Pelosini
Patricia Jacobs

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