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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Detail from 'footprintsinthesnow' by Rick Myers  

Rick Myers
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Jyll Bradley, Liverpool Biennial 2004  

Jyll Bradley
Old Haymarket
Liverpool Biennial 2004

  Detail from work by Reid Stowe

Reid Stowe


Independent District

Novas Warehouse


Reid Stowe's entire life has been built upon his quest to enlighten humanity. He states he tries to impart this by everything he does. At an early age he started to build his own boats and sail them where others had yet to go. He went on the 1st Arts and cultural mission to Antarctica to bring world peace and art to a land wroth with beauty yet devoid of human touch and expression. His crew were multi cultural so that added yet another dimension to the whole.

He then with another young lady went on to spend 200 days at sea to carve a gigantic sea turtle out of the Atlantic Ocean (Refer to image). They live in a world where fast is the norm and miss out on the wonders at hand. His paintings mostly done on sails are an ever-changing array of statements all done with the same intent… to give. He has now taken his writings and about to open a multi media rock opera off b’way called “Sub-conscious Sea”. He has done this to awaken humanity and to help fund what he hopes will be my biggest quest of all.

His extraordinary spirit of adventure, as reflected in the Ocean Odyssey, have attracted quality media coverage in recent years. American publications, including NY Times, NY Magazine, Outside, French News NYC, Cruising World, Motor Boating & Sailing, Ocean Navigator, Boat International, NY Sunday Magazine, Off Shore, Conde Nast Traveler, Sea Frontiers Magazine, Sail, Ad Astra National Space Magazine, and Blue Magazine, as well as the international periodicals Nautical Scene, Yacht, Journal du Dimanche, and Sud Ouest have carried articles on what will in all likelihood be a historic voyage-with global participation via floating technological linked to interactive website available for global participation.

transVoyeur and the Artist
The concepts founding his art and adventures are one enlightenment and shared experience and knowledge in the human condition – an empathy. It is this process of his explorations he imparts a consciousness and realisation of what constitutes humanity and embodied in the visual language of his art. His stance on the multi-cultural and universality of human experience is something synonymous with the objectives of transVoyeur, to share an experience and nurture an awakening of the import of each breath we take.


Artists represented in Transvoyeur:

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney
Tony Knox
Gary Sollars
Ben Youdan
George Lund
Paul Clarkson
Michael Ricardo Andreev
Kofi Fosu
Stephan Fowlkes
Reid Stowe
Poalo Pelosini
Patricia Jacobs

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