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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Cabin Pressure at the Cabin Club  

Cabin Pressure
The Cabin Club
Liverpool Biennial 2002


  Work by Nicki McCubbing  

Nicki McCubbing
Novas Warehouse
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Detail from 'After the Banquet' by Jane Hughes  

Jane Hughes
Myrtle Group
Liverpool Biennial 2004


  Tony Knox in performance as Mothman

Tony Knox


Independent District

Novas Warehouse


As an artist and curator (Egg Space, Liverpool), Tony has initiated many projects throughout Liverpool and other cities in Europe and Australasia (e.g., Romania and Japan). An advocate of supporting the arts and the research and development of the contemporary arts, he has provided many other artists the opportunity to exhibit and explore the spatial relevance of the gallery context, both conventional and urban. As an artist Tony’s practice is one of photography combined with multimedia and other processes to embody contemporary culture.

Tony considers the iconic and idealised in the human condition, something which influences contemporary life, particularly in our consumerist society. This has been reflected in a series of images, ‘Super Heroes’. Here he deliberates the iconic of western society from comic books to the wrestling arena. Each individual adopting a persona to emulate something other than their everyday existence. Within the context of popular culture, these characters, once magnates of their guise and profession, now resurface from their forgotten origins, such as Jake the Snake Roberts, whose once majestic façade of the wrestling arena, now plagued by alcoholism, performs to a smaller audience, but still recognisable by his character.

Their personalities are captured in photographic portraitures and, although still in character, they are removed from the context of the wrestling arena, to embody and contrast not merely their manufactured traits, but juxtaposed to the reality of their lives. These images have been reproduced not only in photographic format, but also screenprinted on wall paper, comparable to childhood wallpaper portraying heroes in adolescence.

transVoyeur and the Artist
A bridge towards the city boundaries. A different structure. A world turned on its head. transVoyeur is the foundations, the edifice of the bridge. Not a futile jester of sending a piece of art to be shown, where the audience is never considered, but this is the letter, the romance, the interchange, the open heart, the soul. Not a fling in the ally way, brief fumbling. A hand, a breath of insight of what make us tick on the other side of the pool. We send a letter in the shape of boat . No longer the message in a bottle. Our voices are heard, though the discourse, this life line, this email, this correspondence, the challenge is the city’s and yours.


Artists represented in Transvoyeur:

Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney
Tony Knox
Gary Sollars
Ben Youdan
George Lund
Paul Clarkson
Michael Ricardo Andreev
Kofi Fosu
Stephan Fowlkes
Reid Stowe
Poalo Pelosini
Patricia Jacobs

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