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  Feeding the 5000  

Feed the 5000
Biennial opening night
Independent District


  Detail from 'Amongst these dark Satanic mills' by David Hancock  

David Hancock
Le Petit Paysage
Liverpool Biennial 2004

  Image courtesy of White Diamond Projects


Transparent Eyeball

Independent District

55 New Bird Street


Beige and Paper Rad Performance
Friday 17th, 9 till late

'What Joe Satriani is on guitar, The 8-Bit Construction Set are on Atari!' Drax (Bodenstandig)
'It rocks.' - Matthew Herbert
'... a testimony to nerdiness.' - The New York Times
'... mouthwatering slice of retro genius' - Pelicanneck

For the first time ever in the UK White Diamond Projects brings together the artist/performance groups Paper Rad and Beige for two nights of analogue and digital confusion with old Atari and Commodore 8-bit computers, homemade 'Star Trek'-like films, mind bending animations, sophisticated electronic dance music made on retro technology and an answering-machine message from a band member's mother.

Beige, a loose knit crew of 4 members, Joe Beuckman, Cory Arcangel, Joseph Bonn, and Paul B.Davis formed in 1997. Together they have pioneered the practice of hacking obsolete 8-bit computers and video systems they find in the trash to make art. The NYTimes called them nerds in 2001, and voted them 'best moments in art' in 2002; XLR8R called their work 'genius'; Paul D. Miller (DJ Spooky) said they were 'dope, dope, dope, dope'.


Artists represented at White Diamond:

Cory Arcangel
Peter Coffin
Ara Peterson
Paper Rad
Lauren Cornell
Astria Suparak
Kendra Gaeta
Michael Connor
Meredith Danluck
Amy Globus

Jeremy Laing
Will Munro
Rohesia Hamilton
Chadwick Rantanen
Seth Price
Scott Thomas
Gerard Holthuis
Saki Satom
Paul Slocum
Kent Lambert
Rebekah Rutkoff
Kelly Oliver
Abbey Williams
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Clare Rojas
Bryan Boyce
Dara Greenwald
Jim Finn


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