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  Super Mario Clouds, Cory Arcangel

Music for Plants

Transparent Eyeball

Independent District

55 New Bird Street


Music for plants

Sunday 24 October, 7pm - 12am
55 New Bird Street (off Jamaica Street)
Independent Quarter
entrance FREE

Epic instrumentalism from Portland, Oregan, USA

Intricate piano and guitar combo from USA

Mighty drone rock

Quiet - Loud affair from Lancashire UK

For one night only White Diamond Projects and Burn bring you an evening of music for plants featuring performances in Peter Coffin's Greenhouse by Grails, Harbour, Mugstar and Redpanda alongside special screenings of 'The Day of the Triffids' and Derek Jarman's 'The Garden' in the White Diamond mobile cinema. There will also be a simple bar serving organic food, wine and beer.

After being exhibited in New York and London, Peter Coffin's 'Untitled (Greenhouse)' has finally arrived in Liverpool as part of White Diamond Projects 'Transparent Eyeball' exhibition. The Greenhouse serves as performance space for gallery visitors and musicians interested in communicating with plants and includes a Plant Music soundtrack of past performances and audio contributions featuring Black Dice, DJ JOhn Arroyo, Jim O'Rourke, Marumari, qpe, seed(), Z's 40, Simplex and Steven Parrino among many others.

This is your final chance to see the 'Transparent Eyeball' exhibition in all its glory before it is pulled down and burnt in a frenzied ceremony of destruction.


Artists represented at White Diamond:

Cory Arcangel
Peter Coffin
Ara Peterson
Paper Rad
Lauren Cornell
Astria Suparak
Kendra Gaeta
Michael Connor
Meredith Danluck
Amy Globus

Jeremy Laing
Will Munro
Rohesia Hamilton
Chadwick Rantanen
Seth Price
Scott Thomas
Gerard Holthuis
Saki Satom
Paul Slocum
Kent Lambert
Rebekah Rutkoff
Kelly Oliver
Abbey Williams
Andrew Jeffrey Wright
Clare Rojas
Bryan Boyce
Dara Greenwald
Jim Finn


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